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Bid Day 2017 Specials


The most exciting day of the year is only a little while away! Shower your beautiful new pledge class in a basket of gifts to welcome them all to their new home away from home. Joining a sorority is not just four years, it's for life... a life that begins with the perfect Bid Day Basket! Complete yours with Loopey Laces gear (and get some for the rest of your chapter too!)

Shoelaces: your new PC will want to show what they know from their head to their toes! Get each one of them a pair of original Loopey Laces to transform their boring old shoes into an emblem of their new Greek status. Available in all 19 sorority lines (featured above).

<10 pairs: $7.99 each
10-49 pairs: $5.50 each
50-99 pairs: $5.00 each
100-199 pairs: $4.50 each
200+ pairs: $4.00 each
Sticky Wallets: girls who want to look smart and be smart too need to stay organized! Sticky wallets are a great way to keep credit cards, IDs, and cash together in the one place you will never lose them: the back of your phone. Available in 18 of the sorority lines featured on our laces (no KBG). Here are three of our design templates to choose from (generally available in two out of three designs for your sorority)
<10: $6.99 each
10-20: $4.49 each
21-30: $4.30 each
31-40: $4.15 each
41-50: $4.00 each
51 +: $3.49 each
Nylon Bracelets: style and comfort are two of the most important things for a sorority girl (behind sisterhood of course!) Loopey Laces is now introducing a limited selection of these cute accessories that will be perfect for a Bid Day basket. Your sorority not on the list yet? Let us know that you're interested and we'll keep you updated as we continue to release new lines!
<10 units: $13.99 each
11-20: $12.99 each
21-30: $11.99 each
31-40: $10.99 each
41-50: $9.99 each
51+: $7.99 each
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