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8 Creative New Uses for your Loopey Laces!

by Lisa Shaffer

8 Creative New Uses for your Loopey Laces!

Loopey Laces may have been invented for securing your Chucks or Vans in a stylish and original way, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good for. Quite the contrary: once you’ve got your hands on a pair of those fresh ropes, you’ll see that the possibilities are truly endless. Hey, try them all if you really want to get your money’s worth. Let us provide you with a few alternate uses for when you want to flaunt your Loopey Laces spirit without lacing up your shoes.

1. A Loopey Ribbon Bracelet

Tired of people not being able to see your shiny new Loopey Laces when you’re sitting at a desk or a table? The solution is obvious: wear your laces as a bracelet! This creates a unique look that pairs well with any outfit. Your whole class will be able to envy you with ease as you rest those Loopey-clad wrists on your laptop’s keyboard (and directly in their line of vision).

2. A Loopey Hair Tie

Is it too hot for sneakers? Are you more of a ballet flats girl anyway? Then ditch those Chucks and throw those laces in your hair, girl! A loosely tied ribbon is a truly classic fashion statement that is also highly practical. Get those stray hairs out of your face and tied up with your sorority letters to let everyone know that this Greek goddess means business.

3. A Loopey String Belt

Those who think belts are just for holding up your pants are probably the same type who think laces are just for shoes: unoriginal lame-o’s! Running a Loopey Lace through those belt loops draws the attention to your killer abs from all the laughing and frolicking you do with your sorority sisters. It can also add a burst of color to that classic blue jeans and black tee outfit that we’re all guilty of wearing a little too often.

4. A Loopey Choker

Anyone who’s anyone knows that chokers are so (back) in style right now. You may not still have the one your older sister wore during her angsty preteen phase in the early 90’s, but you do have a pair of Loopey Laces! Throw those bad boys around your neck, tie them juuuust right (please remember that you do still need to breathe) and boom! You’re not only repping your sorority and looking hot doing it, but you’re also a trendsetter. You can even tie it around twice for double the compliments.

5. A Laced-up Loopey Shirt

Regular sorority t-shirts are just like shoelaces that actually go in shoes: good, deserving of a place in society, but ultimately quite boring. Whip out those trusty scissors and get to snipping and styling, sista! And just in case if you fail and totally trash your shirt with holes (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us) but still want to use those Loopey Laces, just go ahead and order a shirt with Loopey Laces already built in from Lojo Bands.

6. A Loopey Cat Toy

Let’s face it: your cat is jealous of your cool Srat status. He wants to join too but is obviously held back by a few things (cats have notoriously low GPAs). Plus, cats don’t wear shoes. So how can you spread your love between both your cat and your Loopey Laces? Easy! Whip that lace back and forth like you just don’t care and watch your feline friend leap for joy at being included. Everybody wins.

7. A Loopey Headband

Are you too hipster to use things for their original purposes? We don’t blame you. In fact, we support you in all your flower-crowned greatness. So braid those two laces from the set together and make yourself a sweet headband. Show the world “I’m in a cool sorority but I’m also just going where the chill vibes take me, you know?” Or take a duck-faced selfie wearing it. Both are good.

8. A Loopey Ribbon

Every good gift-giver (i.e., sorority Big) knows that it’s all in the presentation. So why use regular plebian ribbon to tie together your present, when you can use custom, American-made, color-coordinated, sorority ribbon! Where can you get that, you ask? Why, look at your feet! Loopey Laces have been there for you this whole time! We do, however, recommend buying a fresh pair or two for your gift-giving needs (seeing as you probably won’t be getting that left lace back). Can also be used as ribbon to wrap gift boxes, decorate a vase of flowers, or tie as a bow on a teddy bear.


There you have it folks. Now you have no excuse not to own at least one pair of Loopey Laces (*hint hint nudge nudge*). Know of another way to use them that we didn’t list? Just let us know in the comments section below!

Lisa Shaffer
Lisa Shaffer