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8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Sorority Daughter

by Jacqueline Devine

8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Sorority Daughter

At this point (post-Thanksgiving/pre-holidays), you’re probably getting texts from your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/best friend/best friend’s mom/etc about what you want for the holidays. If you're anything like me, your response is probably something like “I don’t know haha whatever you think!” And while this response is a time saver and gets you off the hook for actually thinking of something you probably don’t need, it is not conducive to gift progress on anyone’s part.

So, in the hopes of keeping this simple, let’s keep this post down to just stocking stuffers: things you can ask for that are quick, easy and painless.


1. Perfume

We all have that one scent that we live for (I have been wearing the same perfume since the 7th grade) but sometimes it’s nice to experiment with some new flavors. For this year's stocking stuffer, try out a variety of new perfumes with a "Scent Certificate" such as this one from Sephora. 


2. Sorority sticky wallets

Sometimes you want to leave your house/dorm/apartment and not take a bag–understandable. But then how will you carry your phone, wallet and keys? Easy, you put a sticky wallet on your holiday list and eliminate the need for a conventional wallet.


3. Holiday Palettes

The best part of the holidays (besides the food, obviously) are the holiday palettes from your favorite beauty brand. The previews for the holiday collections start coming out around Thanksgiving and the prices usually range from low-$30s to upwards of $100+.


4. Sorority shoe laces

Compatible with Converse, Vans, Superega's, K-Swiss, Adidas (the list goes on), the Loopey Laces sorority laces jazz up any sneaker and let you show what you know. Because plain, white shoelaces are, let’s face it, kinda boring.


5. Gift Cards

I have heard complaints that some people don’t like getting gift cards because they seem “impersonal” but if you really think about it, gift cards are basically a hall pass to get whatever you want at a store of your gift-giver’s choosing. It’s like saying “I picked the store, you pick what you want–on me.” Everyone wins.


6. Sorority bracelets 

By now you are probably newly initiated or a seasoned sister looking for new ways to up your sorority apparel game. Enhance your daily arm-stack with a Loopey Laces line bracelet. They feel weightless and are reeeeeally cute. 


7. Giant candy bars

I’m not kidding, last year my mom wrapped a bag of Welch's Fruit Snacks and put it in my stocking and I swear I have never been so happy. Another year I think she wrapped a Toblerone bar–again, really happy.

Candy is great because it gives you immediate satisfaction, a sugar rush, and can be found at any grocery or drug store.


8. Un-fun things

Remember when you were younger and every year your mom would put a toothbrush and socks into your stocking and you were like “thaaaanks” as you shrugged off your disappointment? Well, now that we are older and have to fend for ourselves at school, getting a toothbrush, socks and even cough drops feels like winning the lottery.

Jacqueline Devine
Jacqueline Devine