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10 Things to Complete your Bid Day Basket (and Where to Get Them!)

by Lisa Shaffer

10 Things to Complete your Bid Day Basket (and Where to Get Them!)

Sorority girls and potential new members alike dream of bid day for months in advance; the excitement, the t-shirts, and of course, the bid day basket! Each member of the new pledge class approaches these bundles of gifts with more excitement than little kids on Christmas. Active members look on enviously, remembering the days when anything with Greek letters would drive them crazy. These baskets contain the first few items a new sorority girl will own, helping her feel connected to her new sisters and new home. To put it lightly: it better be packed with some great stuff.

The Loopey Laces team has compiled a list of 10 things that your sorority bid day basket needs to truly be complete. We'll also hook you up with links to order and a scale of how pricey each item might be, from "let's order a hundred of those!" to "wow, that's an investment," measured $ to $$$$$.

Let’s start with the basics:

1. Alternative Sorority Tops (for Socializing)

New members will spend their first few weeks in Greek life being showered passed-down t shirts from past sorority events. Those are alright and all, but a new sorority girl doesn't want to sacrifice her entire style to exclusively wear philanthropy shirts from 2002. What the basket needs is that one cute top that every member of your new pledge class will want to rock on the daily. Lo + Jo Bands has some Greek and university DIY-style shirts that are both perfect and unique bid day gifts. We especially love the Loopey Lojo shirts (shown above). They're the perfect amount of cute and edgy-- just like your chapter's new pledge class is bound to be!

Price point: $$$$$
Get them with your letters here:

2. A Baseball Cap

As bid day festivities continue late into the night and new members find themselves frantically scrambling to make it to class the next morning, they'll be forever grateful for the sorority accessory that helps to hide their next-day hair. They're also perfect for the beach, baseball games, darties... you name it. Loopey Laces especially loves the effortless style of South by the Sea hats.  

Price Point: $$
Build a design for your chapter at:

3. Original Loopey Laces

Another bid day basket necessity that new members will scream over, as they clutch the colorful new threads in their hands and excitedly wait for an opportunity to lace them through their brand new (or somewhat ratty) white Chucks. They won’t feel like complete members of any of our 19 available sororities without them. Plus, if you're feeling decorative, you could even use the laces as ribbon to tie the whole bid day basket together -- double whammy!

Price Point: $
We're sure you know by now, but get them here:
If you want to order in bulk quantities, fill out the easy contact form here


Make the bid day gifts useful:

4. Greek Water Bottle

Water bottles, like these by LetsTakeitPersonal on Etsy, will keep your new members hydrated and help soothe the hoarse voices that will be screamed away in bid day merriment. They're also a environmentally-friendly way to boost the aesthetic of your bid day basket when filled with individually-wrapped or loose candy.

Price Point: $ to $$
Get yours here:

5. Fanny Pack

Soccer moms in the ‘90s knew these old pals were good for something. Throw a cool fanny pack with your chapter’s letters or symbol on it (like this DZ turtle by Adam Block Design) in your bid day baskets and your new members will be both spirited and well stocked for the sorority adventures to come! For those who are skeptical that this look is back, just remember that college campuses are a world of their own. Fanny packs also look great with tutus.

Price Point: $$$
Browse designs at:

6. Sticky Wallets

It is important to remind new members not to lose their own identities as they enter their new sisterhood; ensure that they don’t by blessing them with a sticky wallet to hold their IDs and other cards safe, right on the back of their phones! Lucky for you, Loopey Laces has sticky wallets for 18 national sororities with many more to come!

Price Point: $
Fill out an order form at:
If you want to order in bulk quantities, fill out the easy contact form here

7. A Spirit Jersey

While this term sometimes applies generally to all shirts with embroidered Greek letters, what we mean is the Spirit Jersey. The kind with your sorority written across the shoulder blades that will make every new member want to stand in front of the sunset with her arms spread so the world can see her new title. What's great about these shirts is that each sorority girl only needs one, and will likely hold on to it for the rest of her life. Plus, nothing is cozier than a loose long-sleeved shirt that's still fashionable.

Price Point: $$$$
Order yours here:

But remember, perfection is in the details; don’t skimp on the little things:

8. Sorority Nylon Bracelets

“Though they be but little, they be fierce”. Even Shakespeare would agree that a new member with her letters on a super cute (and comfy) bracelet on her wrist is the fiercest sorority girl of all. If you are lucky enough to be a sister in one of the four national sororities for which Loopey Laces makes such a thing (looking at you KD, Tri Delt, Chi O, and KKG), then I would simply call it fate. Not available anywhere else.

Price Point: $$
You guessed it:
If you want to order in bulk quantities, fill out the easy contact form here

9. SockPrints Socks

Nothing pairs better with Loopey Laces than sorority socks! And since laces were among the first thing added to your bid day basket, it would only fit to add SockPrints to it as well, to round out the look. Now you can literally gear up from your head to your toes.

Price Point: $$
Order yours:

10. Sugar Nailz

There’s one more thing this basket needs… and it’s just on the tip of our fingers-- Sorority decal nails! These designs from Sugar Nailz are super cute (and way easier than attempting to do them yourself). Now your bid day basket covers everything a new member needs for her first few days in the sisterhood, down to every last phalange.

Price Point: $$
Browse your options:


Put all of that together and what do you have? The world’s most epic bid day basket that any sorority girl could ever ask for. For these ideas and more check out the Loopey Laces Pinterest Board Bid Day Basket NecessitiesWe hope you enjoyed our Loopey Laces Bid Day items rundown!

Lisa Shaffer
Lisa Shaffer